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The Terrible Three!
Yeah, that's what we call ourselves. Please don't leave.

Dave "Shadowborn" Crenshaw

Dave started LivionGames™ in 2018 as an Online Gaming Community. It didn't quite take off the way he planned. You see, Dave is one of those serial entrepreneurs who work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year on 200 different projects. But now, he has us! He cooked us an omelet to show his appreciation. It was delicious.

Sam "Mordor" LeBlanc

Sam is a professional graphics designer and has worked with a few big companies on projects that most of you would recognize in general media. He has also done work on Fiverr, Canva, and several other design platforms. Not sure how Dave talked him into joining a ragtag company like LivionGames™, but whatever, he's cool.

Sophia "Vilandria" Valdez

That's me, Sophia. I've been a gamer for a very long time (my age is none of your business). Let's just say, Turbo Graphix 16 was my all-time favorite system and Bonk's Adventure was my favorite game. Anyhooo, I do Business Development and Social Media Management. If you game on PlayStation, drop a friend request to Vilandria and let's link up!