Once work is done, accepted and transactions are completed, you, the customer, own the rights of the final design. This means you are free to use, modify, and print the design(s) at your full discretion. Although we retain the right to display your design in our portfolio and marketing material, your final design will not be 100% duplicated for sale and use to another customer. All pre-made portions and images of the design, however, may and will be reused in future designs for selling and distribution. No design will have the same custom text (Name and Title) as your final design.

If a project is canceled by you, the customer, all copyrights and ownership of an altered or custom design are retained by LivionGames™ Creative.

For designs that can be altered using uploaded images by you, the customer, you hereby agree that any and all images you provide are not copyrighted or trademarked by a different entity. You, the customer, are herein responsible for any copyright and trademark violations of any third party. LivionGames™ Creative is not liable for any designs and images you provide to us and you hereby represent to us that all designs and images provided, in fact, DO NOT infringe on the Intellectual Properties of any third party.