Capcom, If You Are Remaking Resident Evil 4, Then Don’t Cut Out Stuff

Capcom, If You Are Remaking Resident Evil 4, Then Don't Cut Out Stuff

The Resident Evil 3 remake has finally come out and made the rounds among those who were most excited for it. Thankfully, much like the remake of the second mainline Resident Evil game, RE3’s story and setting have, generally, translated into the form of a modern horror action game with grace, making it a game that both honors the source material while satisfying most of modern gamers’ expectations.

However, I say words like “generally” and “most” because the game was certainly not perfect. Having a short campaign, a half-baked multiplayer mode nobody asked for, and some ill-advised level designs that made backtracking feel more like a chore than it needed to definitely keep Resident Evil 3 from being as good as it could have and should have been. While the remake of RE2 was also guilty of these things, it was to a much lesser extent and greatly mitigated by the wisdom that comes with having genuine love and understanding for the source material by Capcom. RE3 is missing some of that. Of the many ways that lack of love shows itself, the perhaps most bothersome is the sheer number of main elements of content being cut out.

Obviously, that’s not to say that sometimes certain things from a game might not work or make sense in a remake 20 years later, as Resident Evil 2 2019 also made some cuts here and there. But this time around, instead of some light trimming around the edges, Capcom took a chainsaw to many of the key things that made up the soul of the original game. From the way the story unfolded with those iconic live selection moments and alternate routes to giant areas of the game like the clock tower, cemetery and Raccoon Park being deluded if not completely removed, RE3 just feels like it’s been slimmed down too much, and that’s not a good thing for a remake that aims at hardcore Resident Evil fans.

With these points being made in many mainstream reviews of the game, you’d think that Capcom would take a breather from the remakes and regroup. Well, the rumors in recent gaming news seems to indicate otherwise. If recent rumors are true, and it does seem like they might be, Capcom is already moving ahead with another Resident Evil remake, this time, of the 4th mainline game.

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