Cyberpunk Studio Co-Founder issues a Statement

Cyberpunk Studio Co-Founder issues a Statement

Marcin Iwinski, Cyberpunk Studio Co-founder of CD Projekt Red, issues a statement on the game’s launch and future plans

It’s no secret that Cyberpunk 2077 experienced one of the worst game launches in history. So bad, the Cyberpunk Studio Co-Founder, Marcin Iwinski, issued a statement in a video about the disastrous launch.

After watching the video, you have to respect his gallantry, to put his face and words to the matter. He explains in detail his version of events leading up to the company’s decision to release the game with all its faults and taking responsibility as the decision-maker.

Mr. Iwinski promises patches and fixes at points during the entire 2021 year and even into 2022 – fixing the many bugs that render the game unplayable and mending the broken trust with consumers.

One could say that Marcin is doing what anyone in his position should do; apologize, accept responsibility as the top guy, and do better. But is it enough? Many would say “NO”.

Thanks to Gamespot for the video and be sure to head on over to their website for the full breakdown and FAQ.