Game of the Year goes to The Last of Us 2 for 2020 – and something special.

Game of the Year goes to The Last of Us 2 for 2020 – and something special.

Our boss called it. The Last of Us 2 wins Game of the Year for 2020. How astute. 😏

This year’s Game Awards was a special event for the most obvious reasons; the pandemic that changed the world as we know it. Yet, we must say, the event went wonderfully.

First off, allow us at LivionGames Creatives to offer our compliments to Naughty Dog for giving us one of the best-produced games ever made. To say that it caused a stir amongst all fan bases would be an understatement, but the production value of the game in all aspects was top-notch and certainly deserved this prestigious award.

Game of the Year is merely one of the awards Naughty Dog took home. The Last of Us: Part 2 also took home the awards for:

  • Best Performance
  • Best Audio Design
  • Most Anticipated Game
  • The Best Narrative
  • Best Action/Adventure
  • Game Direction
  • Innovation in Accessibility

What’s that “Special” thing we mentioned?

The avant-garde Innovation in Accessibility award is notably special – not solely to the industry but also for us at LivionGames; since one of our team members is disabled.

The Innovation in Accessibility award was established to recognize software and/or hardware that introduces innovative means to enjoy new content, technology, and features to a wider audience.

Moreover, the Innovation is Accessibility award is the first of its kind, making Naughty Dog a premier. Talk about a great night for the top video game developer.

Our Take Away

We’re not going to echo all the details on the winners of every award; you can find that information on million game sites (We personally fancy Cnet). We wanted to give our take on the big prize winners and commemorate progress within the industry, community, and culture of gaming.

Geoff Keighley hosting the first ever virtual Game Awards in 2020.

Geoff Keighley did a fantastic job hosting the virtual event, as did everyone involved with its production. The music performances were great and the world premieres were mouth-watering – especially for Crimson Desert; that game looks magnificent.

2021 can’t get here soon enough. Congratulations again to Naughty Dog for well-deserved wins and here’s to the future of gaming, which is looking ever so bright!