Marvel’s Avengers Review – The Final Verdict

Marvel's Avengers Review - The Final Verdict

I wanted to like this game. I really did. I still do. When it’s not getting in its own way, the combat is a ton of fun, and the character-specific moments in the campaign – especially those that put the spotlight on Kamala – are legitimately good bits of comic book superhero storytelling. There have been plenty of moments during my time with the game where I’ve genuinely had a great time.

But Marvel’s Avengers keeps finding ways to drag itself down- at times it almost feels like it goes out of its way to do so. There’s just so much here that I can’t overlook, no matter how hard I may try. An unnecessary and broken loot system, a litany of horrible technical issues, uninspired and one-note mission design, and a story that fails just as much as it succeeds- it doesn’t matter how mindlessly fun the combat is, it isn’t enough to overcome such a heavy list of problems.


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