Spider-Man Miles Morales Trailer and Pre-Order

Spider-Man Miles Morales Trailer and Pre-Order

Spider-Man Miles Morales is just around the corner right along with the PS5’s launch.

Spider-Man Miles Morales PS5 Trailer

Spider-Man Mile Morales could very well be the best thing on the PS5’s first lineup of games.

The story looks interesting from a distance, as it appears that our beloved Peter Parker is headed off to Europe or someplace out of the way, leaving the greenhorn Miles Morales in charge of carrying on the official mantel of Spider-Man of New York City.

We’re not sure where in the timeline of the Spider-Man games this particular installment fits. But we’re sure there will be lots of Easter Eggs for the Spiderverse stuff from the films.

The mechanics and control layouts for Spider-Man Miles Morales are expected to be very similar to the PS4 version.

Fans of the previous game should have little to no issues jumping right in.

One of the few complaints gamers had about the PS4 version was the side mission, which was said to be a drag and it took players out of the game. Spider-Man PS5 is expected to be a huge improvement in that regard.

The enemies in this game look to be a real challenge for Mile. Sporting all kinds of nasty tech weapons. There’s nothing like taking on an evil corporation and their no-necks with goals of gentrification and such. And it doesn’t hurt with the Tinkerer running around, stirring the pot with his “Purples”. Should be fun!

Aside from just the gameplay, we expect to care about Mile Morales as we jump into an epic storytelling experience that rivals most live-action films. Seriously, these game writers need work in Hollywood.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales releases with the PS5 in just a few days. So, grab your copy now and let us know what you think. We certainly will when we finish with it!

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