Top 5 Best Budget Gaming Mobile Phones [2020 Edition]

Top 5 Best Budget Gaming Mobile Phones [2020 Edition]

It certainly isn’t for console-centric gamers looking for authenticity nor is it for PC aficionados looking to crank the highest possible frame rates and resolutions out of their games, but mobile gaming is more popular than it has ever been. As the children and casual gamers of today continue to embrace it, it will only continue its steady climb in popularity for the coming years. With a popular way to play games, generally comes options and shades of different ways to do it.

Much like the PC space, mobile gaming has an absolute plethora of options. Most would agree that the best way to decide on a gaming phone is to see how much power, accessibility, and functionality can be crammed into a phone for the most reasonable price tag.

It’s a balance that won’t be quite the same for everybody, as everybody generally has different priorities here and there, but from the wimpy, to the beastly, and everything in between, there are surely at least a few options out there that check enough boxes on any given gamer’s checklist, including price limitations, to warrant serious consideration in 2020. So with the latter being the primary focus for many of us, here’s our 2020 top 5 list of the best budget phones to game on.


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